About Us

In January 2011, Tiber's founding partners sought a name that reflected a core set of principals around which the company would be built. Their goal was to associate the company name with dedication, focus, and a sense of community.

Tiber Technologies yields its name from the Tiber river, which runs through Main Street in historic Ellicott City and inherits its name for the more famous Tiber (Tiberis) river, the lifeblood of the ancient city of Rome. Like the Tiberis River in Italy, the Tiber River in Ellicott City provided vitality to Ellicott Mills during its establishment in 1772, eventually becoming one of the largest milling and manufacturing towns in the East.

At Tiber Technologies, our goal is to be a "destination" company. To promote this, we provide talented engineers with exciting and rewarding positions directly supporting mission and utilizing the latest technologies in the industry. We also place a high degree of importance in building a team environment, both with the employees and their families. To encourage this, Tiber sponsors a number of team-building activities throughout the year to include informal dinners with individual employees and their families, happy hours, end of year celebrations, tickets to the upcoming Army/Navy game, and participation in community organized runs. Most recently, Tiber was recognized as the Fastest Team at the annual AFCEA 5k, an honor we hope to repeat again in future years.

As a member of the Tiber team, each employee and their spouse are also eligible to attend the annual offsite. This provides Tiber employees an opportunity to cultivate a strong bond outside of the work environment, as well as discuss future opportunities and development in an informal setting. Most importantly, it allows our employees time for much deserved rest and relaxation!